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  • Ready stock wholesale multi-interface car power inverter 12V 24V 150W

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Ready stock wholesale multi-interface car power inverter 12V 24V 150W

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Feature Description:


The MFB-150W/MFW-150W car inverter series presents a dynamic and lightweight power solution designed for both 12V and 24V models, offering a choice between classic black and pristine white colors. Tailored to suit different vehicle power systems, its stylish design seamlessly complements diverse interiors.


This compact and lightweight inverter ensures easy portability within the vehicle, making it a versatile choice for various on-the-go power needs. The sleek aesthetic in black or white enhances the overall integration, providing a reliable and stylish power solution during your journeys.


In terms of charging options, the inverter boasts two standard USB ports for convenient slow charging of a variety of devices. Additionally, it features an extra USB fast-charging port for swift power replenishment. The inclusion of a three-pronged AC outlet ensures versatile power access, while the integrated cigarette lighter socket adds further charging flexibility within the vehicle.


User interaction is made effortless with a user-friendly color display screen, allowing easy monitoring of the inverter's status and settings. To maintain optimal performance during extended use, the inverter is equipped with an efficient cooling system featuring fan vents on all sides. This thoughtful design prevents overheating, ensuring the inverter operates reliably throughout your journeys.


The MFB-150W/MFW-150W car power inverter series seamlessly combines style, versatility, and efficiency to cater to various power needs within the vehicle. Its lightweight construction, coupled with multiple charging options and an effective cooling system, offers a dependable and user-friendly solution for on-the-go power requirements. Whether in black or white, these inverters elevate your driving experience by delivering a seamless and stylish integration, ensuring a consistent and dependable power supply during your travels.

Parameter Specifications:

1.Model  MFW-150W/MFB-150W
2. Specification name  12V-150W-220V-white/12V-150W-220V-black
3.Power  150Watt
4.Input  12V
5.Output  220V
6.Frequency  50Hz
7.Weight  0.23KG
8.Packaging  carton