Our mission is to "put personalized production capacity on everyone's desktop."


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About Us

Zhengzhou Datou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has consistently adhered to the concepts of integrity and innovation, constantly pursued high quality and excellent service, and carefully cared for every customer.

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  • Focus on quality and service

    "DATOUBOSS" is an excellent Chinese enterprise which specializing in the research and development of inverter. With a complete production and development department and independent import and export qualifications.We own its own technology and professional R&D personnel with abundant experience.We are also equipped with advanced automated machines to improve the quality of our product. Quality and service is always our core competence. Integrity and Innovation

  • Integrity and Innovation

    "DATOUBOSS" always adhere to the concept of integrity and innovation. Integrity makes the company lay a solid foundation and earn good reputation. Innovation is the inspiration that drives us to develop better and be a world class company.We continue to introduce new products, determined to provide customers with satisfactory services and high-quality products, and have won the love of most customers at home and abroad.

Factory Tour

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  • Modern warehouse management
  • Professional business team
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Production Flow

  • Raw material
  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Machining
  • Assembling
  • Aging
  • Testing
  • Packing
  • In-depth design and planning:
    The professional team goes deep into the inverter design and comprehensively plans the circuit structure and power requirements to ensure excellent functionality.

  • Procurement of high-quality raw materials:
    Selecting high-quality raw materials lays a foundation for reliability and durability, and safeguards product quality.

  • Exquisite circuit board manufacturing:
    Precise electronic component installation and welding ensure the core integrity of the inverter and facilitate high-efficiency output.

  • Assembly and connection process:
    Each component is precisely assembled to ensure a solid and reliable structure, infused with superior performance.

  • Rigorous aging and testing:
    After aging treatment, superior functionality and stability under various conditions are verified through functional testing.

  • Quality control and safe packaging:
    Implement comprehensive quality control to ensure compliance with high standards, and use professional packaging materials to safely ensure that products are intact during transportation.

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