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  • Exquisite Training Course Strengthens Management Awareness and Creates Team Spirit

    In order to strengthen management awareness and create team spirit, Zhengzhou Dudou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. recently organized an exquisite week-long training course. The aim of this training was to enhance the systematic understanding of corporate management among personnel at all levels, im...
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  • Zhengzhou Dudou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Memorable Barbecue Dinner

    In order to gather the unity within our company and enhance the spirit of team cooperation, Zhengzhou Dudou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. organized a barbecue dinner on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023. All the staff actively participated and had a great time while grilling and eating. Th...
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  • Spring Sports Meeting Enriching Employee Life

    In order to enrich the cultural, sports, and entertainment life of employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of employees, enhance corporate cohesion and pride among employees, and show the positive attitude of our company’s employees to enrich the company’s cultural life and s...
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