DATOU BOSS Car Infrared Paint Lamp 2000W (SC-003)

$120.00 $150.00

Short-wave infrared heating is highly efficient and permeable, so it can penetrate directly into the inner layer of paint, promoting the chemical response of the molecules.

It has a safe handle to prevent high temperature burns, the handle is removable, and the installation is simple and convenient.

Easy to control temperature, clean heating process, no hot air or secondary pollution.

Anti-glare and glare-free, specially designed reflective surface is very even heat distribution of the car heating surface, high radiation efficiency, long service life, normal use more than 10,000 hours.


Convenient and Efficient:

Infrared paint baking lamp is small, lightweight, efficient, energy saving, quick drying, and improves paint surface gloss. The removable handle does not require a switch, making it highly mobile and convenient to operate in narrow spaces

Wide drying area, smart timing:
This short-wave infrared car heating lamp can bake an area of about 13.8 x 15.7 inches (35 x 40 square cm) and the smart timer can be adjusted between 0 to 90 minutes; You can set it freely according to the application of the spray surface. Equipped with 2 durable 1000W short-wave infrared halogen lamps

Short Wave Infrared Heating:
The short-wave infrared heating technology has high permeability, high luminous efficiency, and fast heating speed. After drying inside out, it improves the adhesion of the paint, making the paint more smooth and firm

High heat dissipation performance:
The paint dryer uses a stainless steel mesh cover on the front and an aluminum alloy plate with a lot of holes on the back, which greatly improves the heat dissipation function and extends the life of the product

Wide Range of Use:
Infrared paint dryer is widely used in local paint drying, putty drying, automotive spray boothes, etc., making it the perfect spray baking tool for painting sheet metal, field repair, and engine drying. Primer or pre-heat before spraying

1. When using the short-wave infrared lamp, do not expose the skin to high temperature to avoid allergies and burns.
2. Intelligent Timing: The operating time can be adjusted to any number of minutes between 0 to 90 minutes. After 90 minutes of continuous work, we recommend pausing for 3-5 minutes before use.
3. Please do not put objects in the environment to avoid safety issues during use. Also, please be careful not to contact the product.
4. This is a portable infrared light, suitable for baking small areas such as car body repair. If you need to use a large area, choose a paint lamp with a large baking area.

FAQ-Infrared Paint Lamp

1. Why choose our factory?
Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force. The production process is strictly managed in terms of quality. Our products are sold all over the world, and are well received at home and abroad for their excellent quality and perfect service.
2. What are the advantages of our products?
High efficiency, energy saving, fast delivery, good quality
3. Our advantage?
Reasonable price and best service, advanced equipment and strong technology.
4. How to order?
Once you are interested in our products, please contact us via online or email as soon as possible. A specific quotation will be provided according to the required size and quantity.
5. How is the quality?
All products comply with ISO and the highest national standards, if necessary, we can also provide CE, certificates.


1. Question: Why is your quotation higher than other suppliers?
A: In the domestic market, inverter brands are mixed. Many low-cost inverters are actually assembled by unlicensed small workshops. They are assembled rudely and use unqualified components to reduce costs, which poses a very big safety hazard! In order to protect the personal and property safety of your relatives, please don't be greedy for low prices, and be sure to choose a reliable inverter!
2. Question: Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?
A: Absolutely. Our inverter is designed with a good voltage stabilizing circuit. You can even check while measuring the true value with a multimeter. In fact, the output voltage is quite stable. A special note is needed here: Many customers find that they are unstable when using a traditional multimeter to measure voltage. We can say that the operation is incorrect. Ordinary multimeters can only test pure sine waves and calculated data.
3. Question: What should I pay attention to when installing the inverter?
A: Place the product in a ventilated, cool, dry, and waterproof place. Please do not use force or put foreign objects into the inverter. Remember to turn on the inverter before turning on the appliance.
4. How about your warranty?
A: We provide 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support for different products

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