Tips For Repairing Car Paint Scratches

Detailed tips for repairing car paint scratches  
Cars are indispensable for modern transportation. There are occasional small scratches when driving on the road. So, what are the methods for repairing these scratches on the car body? Let’s take a look with the editor below! Car paint scratch repair tips Detailed car paint scratch repair tips How to repair car body scratches in detail
1. No matter what kind of car, there will be large or small scars. How much damage does the scar cause to the surface paint? How can it be repaired? Correct disposal methods must be considered. If it is a scar that is not very eye-catching, the smart way is to leave it alone.  
2. The car has scratches, the best way to repair the scars is to fill in the same coating agent as the car body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice or three times. The more times, the cleaner the coating will be. But the uniform treatment of the entire body is also very important.  
3. If the small scratches are only very shallow scratches on the surface paint, they should be treated with a mixture immediately. The wiping method is straight wiping. After the scar disappears, wipe it with a finer mixture before applying wax.  
4. For deep scratches, the key point is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust. You can concentrate on applying the finishing paint. Point it up with the tip of a pen and wait for the paint to dry completely.  
5. Deep but slender scars can be repaired very well with colored putty. Use sandpaper on the scar, do not expand the scar surface casually, it is important to remove the dirt. Putty should be applied carefully so that it enters the interior completely. Finally, the mixture is applied, waxed, and the work is finished.  
6. Depression treatment is one of the most troublesome tasks in car body maintenance. The important thing is to lay a good foundation. If this step is not done well, no matter how good the painting is, the effect will not be good. When spraying paint, don't forget to cover the surrounding area with newspaper to prevent the paint from spreading around.  
7. When rust is found, start to solve it immediately. If you leave it alone, the rust spots will gradually expand. The method to prevent rust is to clean it with sandpaper, or use a chemical synthetic agent that changes the rust spots. According to different situations, use them separately.  
8. The waterproof strips pasted around the door and trunk are easy to peel off and twist. But if it is not broken or deformed, it can be used again, just re-attach it to prevent water leakage. It is also important to restore the elasticity of the rubber itself with a protective agent.  
9. The treatment method for bumper scars is to cut off the burrs and apply putty to smooth the potholes. Special putty, prepare various colors, choose the closest color. Bumpers in the same color as the body. Painting is very important.  
First aid measures for body scratches  
Tiny scratches  
First aid products: fine wax, coarse wax   
The slightly scratched paint surface damage is on the surface of the topcoat, which can be completely repaired by waxing. Treat it with a mixture. The wiping method is straight wiping and then waxing. You can use coarse wax first, then fine wax, in the same direction from the inside to the outside, so that almost all the fine scratches are removed. Of course, there is a more economical way to repair with toothpaste, lightly apply to the shallow scratches, and then use a soft cotton cloth to wipe counterclockwise, several times, not only to reduce the scratches, but also to avoid the air on the car paint The erosion of the wound.  
Scratch without primer   
First aid products: fine wax, paint touch-up pen   
Slightly larger scratches can be rescued with paint pen. Paint touch-up pens are sold in general auto supply stores. After the car owner reports his car model and official color name, he can buy touch-up pens with the appropriate color number. The general price is around RMB 40-50. Shake the paint in the touch-up pen well before use, and fill up the primer like nail polish. You can add a certain amount of thinner to the touch-up pen so that it can be sprayed smoothly. Carefully spray the area that needs to be repaired. After the lacquer brush is dry, apply fine wax on it.  
Scratches of the primer have been seen  
First aid products: de-marking and anti-rust agent, self-painting   
For serious scratches, if you can see the color of the lower primer, it depends on the area of the scar. Generally, bumpers, rearview mirrors and the wheel eyebrows of some cars are made of engineering plastics and will not rust. Whether to touch up the paint depends on the owner's request. But if these severe scars appear on other parts of the car body, it needs to be repainted, otherwise even a small damage, the steel plate will begin to rust. At that time, even if it is repainted, it will be difficult to prevent rust. The owner can wash and dry the car first, apply rust remover to the scratched area, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes to wipe off the rust with tissue paper to avoid the scratched area and continue to rust.  
Scratch dent treatment  
First aid product: depression repair   
If the scratches and dents left by the car surface after a collision do not appear to fall off or paint off, the perfect repair effect can be achieved through the dent repair technology. It takes about 20-40 minutes to repair a depression, which greatly reduces the cost. The tools needed to repair the depression are not complicated. The crowbar is mainly used to push the steel plate that has been sunken in from the inside to the outside. This technique must be delicate, little by little fine-tuning is the key, and then use a rubber hammer from the outside to the inside. Knock it to repair the overall shape, and finally use a sharp object like a pencil to fine-tune the convexity of the car body.

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Thank you for explaining some different tips for car paint scratches. I found that one of my doors had been scratched this morning. I’ll have to try some of this out to see how it works.

Olivia Smart June 30, 2022

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